Welcome to my homepage!

I have written some games (apps) for the two major mobile platforms and I hope you will have at least so much fun playing them as I've had writing them.

What you'll definitely NOT find here is the 138th edition of Tetris, the 4.592th variant of Jewels and the 15.254th version of Hangman. I try to implement my own ideas, things you never have played yet.

Many of them are (and will remain) free. And I don't mean "free, but...", I really mean free. There are no hidden costs (in-app-purchases, in a modern language), you may play them just for fun as long as you wish. I'd just appreciate if you test my other games, too, and possibly tell your friends about what you like. If not, please tell me what you dislike.

The games are available through the market places of the distributors:

So far, I've released the following games:

Three of a Kind
Full versions: Free versions:
A puzzle game - you have to find the figure which appears exactly three times on a board of 4x4..8x8 items. There are 4 or 5 different figures by means of shape, color, orientation, rotation speed, size or any combination of those. In the full version there are almost unlimited boards and there is also an Expert Challenge which will keep your adrenaline level high.

Free versions:
A simulation of one spheres (up to four, one on top of the other!) which you have to keep in balance on the top of a pencil. It begins with a beach ball in a dense atmosphere of honey, but if you really want to achieve a high score you'll have to switch to wooden or even granite spheres in milk or air and to sharpen your pencil. The game is controllable through the device's orientation or by dragging the pencil.

Free versions:
You have to find the shortest straw (or whatever items you get: rockets, baseball bats, magic wands,...). It's easy if you only have three very distinct items but quite difficult if there are some hundred of them, all of the same color on a similar background... You may rearrange the straws by shaking your device (or by using the button at the right).

Full versions: Free versions:
This was my very first game. You have to launch a satellite from within the Earth's atmosphere (beyond it, you haven't any control possibilities). The goal is to reach the galaxy, but there's a constellation in your way and each collision with its boundaries will damage your hull. The Advent Edition has three times as much scenes as the standard (free) edition, revealed one by one every day in December 2013 and a funny Christmas scene.

Games to come:
This one will be THE GAME, a completely new experience for you in terms of gameplay and interactivity! You'll need your whole ingenuity to control and assist new life to arise.

Shut'em All
You surely know those slapstick sequences where shutting a door will cause another to open. Well, what if...?? Try to discover the hidden connection between the doors (or lamps, windows, mail boxes...) and shut them all!

The Earth's temperature raises, the ice at the Poles is melting... Try to escape by jumping from one ice block to another by cleverly combining fast blocks (which also melt fast) and slow ice blocks (but which will bring you further away from your goal). My first game to be fully scrollable and resizable.

Our Sun is emitting very large flares. The citizens of the Sun (called Sunnies) have developed a surfboard which uses exactly these flares to escape the strong gravity of the Sun. Try to find the highest flare!